Topic Schedule for Meeting Presentations

Early Fall 🍂 is here and (see below). These meetings will continue both on-line through zoom and in person simultaneously for the first meeting of the month.

So far we had a wonderful presentation on Opals from our own member Casey Sessions, very detailed and fascinating for October. I would also like to thank Cindy Proctor for her silver smithing presentation we had so many good questions so I though I should post here about her contact through her shop in case you would like to learn more.

Check out her contact at this website or find her on facebook ->

Below is our presentation topic schedule but, check out our web calendar for new and updated member activities, field trips and events.

SpeakerTopic / Other club business
Nov. 10Club Officer Elections
Nov. 24 and Dec 8No Meetings
Dec. 10Holiday Dinner on a Saturday, This dinner is our last and only meeting for December

As you join us in person at the Forest Grove Senior Center, wearing a mask is now optional and not required. If you are vulnerable or immune compromised you may still choose to wear one. If you would like to join us on line and are not currently a member please send a notice through the contact so we can send you the link through email.

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