Membership Sharing

This page is for membership sharing ideas, video links, photos and more. Members, please feel free to contact the web person through this site and send me a link if there is something you would like to share on related topics for our club and non club members.

Below listed first are videos listed on you tube on related topics our club shares. As more and more people share on line their interests and maybe we can inspire each other for things to do or learn about.

The club does not officially endorse the links on this page. Click the link in red underline (or blue highlight):

Nick Zentner is a well known Geology Instructor at Central Washington University and is also known for his tv presentations “Nick on the Rocks”. He  has been sharing his knowledge live stream on you tube with topics on volcanoes, earthquakes, & ice age floods. He makes these topics easy to understand and entertaining. Nick Zentner – YouTube

If it’s wire wrap your into there are many stone wire wrap instructional videos, here is a link on how to make a somewhat easy 4 prong basket setting for a faceted gemstone to be incorporated into a pendant. Raftark Jewelry wire wrapping tutorial: Prong setting

For Mineral collectors you can view Dallas Mineral Symposium talks

Also for mineral collectors there are a newer series that shows different museums and collections on you tube called Mineral talks live

For the topic of fossils, here is a link to a short documentary on the worlds best dinosaur fossil at the Royal Tyrrel Museum in Canada Breakthrough | World’s Best Dinosaur Fossil