Educational Resources for Young Folks

There are many on line resources for rocks and minerals education other than books from the bookstore (which is great for parents to share with their youngest ones). Below are a few links that are popular and can also provide further links to help you find answers to satisfy the young rock and mineral enthusiast (or even the young at heart). Below is a curated list to get you started on your learning journey!

Young Mineral Collectors

Rocks and minerals for kids on the mineral collectors site

The Smithsonian website has a very fascinating collection of webcasts and a great distance learning resource for kids on the subjects of earth sciences and paleontology. Please explore these links and more.

Smithsonian teaching resources for earth sciences

Smithsonian teaching resources for paleontology

One of the best on line resources for geology and up to date geology news with a reference section to teacher resources

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies has a kids resource page for learning and with links to other nice resources

Amfed – kids links

For the subject of Fossils and dinosaurs try these sites

American Museum of Natural History site kids – paleontology

From the library of congress website – big and vast online resources guide to Dinosaurs and Paleontology super resourse guide for older kids & teachers