Educational References

Rocks in buckets ready for the polisher.The Tualatin Valley Gem Club of Oregon, representing members in Washington County, specifically Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Forest Grove areas on the westside of Portland, offer a wide variety of educational programs and expertise in geology.

The group holds regularly scheduled meetings open to the general public and offers a wide range of events for members and the general public including rock and mineral shows, classes, field trips, banquets, picnics, and other social and educational programs. The club also works closely with other rock clubs and the Rice Northwest Rock and Mineral Museum, the museum for rocks and minerals in the Pacific Northwest located in Hillsboro, with their educational and outreach programs.

At each meeting, a guest speaker covers a topic related to geology and earth sciences, and we share notes from those meetings as often as possible on the website and through our newsletter. Members are also encouraged to submit educational papers and information to the website and newsletter based upon their expertise and experiences for our Earth Sciences topics.

On the website, we are constantly working to keep our educational material fresh and updated, and available to the public. This is an ongoing project, so if you have some recommendations or suggestions, please contact us so we may consider adding the information to our site. Please note that we work hard to restrict links and references to non-commercial entities as much as possible.

You will find educational material on this site in the following areas:

  • Earth Sciences: This is a category on our site dedicate to articles on geology and related earth sciences, often showcasing the talents, skills, and expertise of our members.
  • News: We monitor local as well as international news and other club activities to inform the membership and general public about the natural sciences and local geological information and news.
  • Books: For members and the general public, we’ve put together a list of books on local geology, rockhounding, collecting, and identification, as well as other local natural science history.
  • Pacific Northwest Resources: There is so much to explore in the Pacific Northwest, our list of rockhounding sites, parks, museums, discovery centers, educational institutions, and other geology locations and resources for Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Idaho, and British Columbia are few, but open the door to the wonders near Tualatin Valley.
  • Rock Clubs: We offer a shortlist of rock clubs in the Portland Metro area. We also feature news, announcements, shows, and events open to our members and the general public on our site to extend membership opportunities for learning and networking.