Topic Schedule for Meeting Presentations

Summer is a big activity time, We have a list below of future presentations to look forward to. These meetings will continue both on-line through zoom and in person simultaneously for the first meeting of the month.

So far we have had a wonderful picnic (and bingo) we got to know our members better too. I would also like to thank Cindy Proctor for her silver smithing presentation we had so many good questions so I though I should post here about her contact through her shop in case you would like to learn more.

Check out her contact at this website or find her on facebook ->

Below is our presentation topic schedule but, check out our web calendar for new and updated member activities, field trips and events added on (6/7/22).

SpeakerTopic / Other club business
July 28thWe will be painting rocks for a local non profit organization to provide encouragement. You are encouraged to bring your own rocks, paintbrushes and paints.
August 11Casey SessionsOpals of Nevada and Cabochons of them
Sept. 8Cindy YablokMore about Unusual Minerals

As you join us in person at the Forest Grove Senior Center, wearing a mask is now optional and not required. If you are vulnerable or immune compromised you may still choose to wear one. If you would like to join us on line and are not currently a member please send a notice through the contact so we can send you the link through email.

Our next show will be in cooperation with 4 other area clubs and with NFMS (Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies) annual meeting, of which this club is a member of. In October this is a very big show. We are currently promoting members and people to create and put in displays. We will also need club volunteers to help support it and of you put in a display or volunteer to help of course you will have free entrance to the show all weekend. Please refer to this new link on how to create a display.

August mineral / rock of the month, Peridot

Peridot the birthstone for August, is the one of the few gemstones that comes in only one color which is of course green (at most brownish green to yellowish green). This gemstone is formed deep within the earth (one of the most abundant mineral in the earth’s upper mantle) and can be found in hardened lava or also in meteorites because it is the gem variety of olivine. It has less than 15% iron with trace amounts of chromium and nickle (responsible for the color) but as the iron content increases the color shifts to yellow/green or brownish green.

When olivine is metamorphosed it is transformed into serpentine. Olivine is also one of the first minerals to be altered by weathering and comprises an entire beach in Hawaii (of which it is illegal to collect from). It does not have as many industrial uses as some other minerals but is mostly used in metallurgical processes.