Topic Schedule for Meeting Presentations

Happy Spring! 🌷 We have a list below of future presentations to look forward to. These meetings will continue both on-line through zoom and in person simultaneously for the first meeting of the month.

As you join us in person at the Forest Grove Senior Center, wearing a mask is now optional and not required. If you are vulnerable or immune compromised you may still choose to wear one. If you would like to join us on line and are not currently a member please send a notice through the contact so we can send you the link through email.

Below is our presentation topic schedule but, check out our web calendar for new and updated member activities, field trips and events added on (6/7/22).

SpeakerTopic / Other club business
April 14Angela PillerOpals of Oregon and Nevada
May 12Julian GrayMeteorites Visitors from Outer Space
June 9Gordon HaleDisplay case setup and competitive & non competitive display info
July 14Cindy ProctorHand fabrication for cabochons & faceted stones

✨A very big congratulations goes to members 💎Gordon Hale and 💎Glen Woodward as “Member of the Year for 2021”. Their hard work and long term dedication as volunteers for club functions has well deserved this recognition.

Speaking of recognition 👏🏻 we also need to recognize all those wonderful volunteers who came out to work at the show and those that displayed and donated. 📣Yay, team! It was a very successful show and we hope every one who attended had a great time and found some wonderful treasures.

Our next show will be in cooperation with 4 other area clubs and with NFMS (Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies) annual meeting, of which this club is a member of. In October this is a very big show. We are currently promoting members and people to create and put in displays. Please refer to this new link on how to create a display.

Fantastic June

Happy Father’s Day on June 19th! Some fathers are steady and strong, many times ready and willing to be helpful. Agates, jaspers (cryptocrystalline) and quartz crystals (macrocrystalline) are also steady, strong and diverse. Do you know what your dad’s favorite color agate is or maybe they preferred those fantastic picture jaspers? There are so many varieties of quartz (considered the most common mineral) and they are all about the inclusions as they form. For more reading on how they form and their varieties try this site and page => grow formation of quartz. So lets share our quartz this month.

My favorites quartz are the inclusions in the macrocrystalline quarts crystals or their rare crystaline forms (more about crystaline forms at the site link above). One of my most favorites is a small self collected tabby (form type name) crystal from Arkansas. I found this one laying at the bottom of a crystal pocket as a floater.