Displaying at a Rock and Gem Show

As a rock and gem club and a non profit our purpose is to educate the public about earth sciences and the wonders of our earth. We can do that through displays at our gems shows, whether the displays are educational themed, lapidary, minerals, fossils, or others.

This page contains documents and informational links about how we can approach doing a rock and gem show display and how easy it can be in our process to create one. It truly is fun to inspire people to see and feel what you do in your hobby and to show how you became inspired yourself.

This first presentation below is a clear, basic and concise guide on how to display at a rock show. Just click on the arrows on the top black bar to read each presentation slide or scroll down on the right side.

If you are viewing this page on an phone or a tablet just click on the words “no examples” below and you will be able to view it.