Thank you to Garret Romaine, author of Rock Hounding Guide books for March meeting presentation.


We enjoyed listening to Garret Romaine speak to our group about Gem Trails of Northern California, who told us more about some of the newer and more desirable spots for rock hounding in his new book. His guides our always updated and have some fun places to investigate with a few side notes along the way to see, as he mentioned during the meeting. I strongly encourage all to use these wonderful guide books as they head out for the summer on their trips.

The pictures above are just a few of his books, he has also written Geology Lab for Kids, Rock Hounding Idaho and more.


More on Meteorites! Coming to our show March 8,9 & 10

We enjoyed having a presentation on meteorites and we had several different types to touch! We learned about the classification of meteorites from our presenter Dick Pugh from the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory at PSU. Bring your questions and your meteorites or your meteor – wrongs.

If you missed our meeting to learn about meteorites Dick Pugh will have a table at our show where you can bring your suspect meteorites and ask him questions.


This is an example of a Stony Iron Meteorite slice called a Pallasite.