Up coming meetings for March, April & May

As we are waiting for warmer weather to come, we have a few more months to go before we head into collecting weather. Hopefully, we can also have some more interactive time at our Fourth Thursday of the month meetings (remember to meet us in the back room of the senior center at 7pm). On March 28th, it would be wonderful to have our members and guests share some of their favorite subjects related to our hobby. Therefore, we would like to encourage all to bring a favorite book or magazine in with them, or even just a website tip that you might like to share with the group so that we can learn more about each other and help us focus on favored topics for presentational meetings.

Fossil Ammonites from all over the world


Our next presentation meeting for April 11th, will be a discussion on Ammonite Fossils given by Greg Carr. His specialties are on the subjects of fossils, fossil preparation and meteorites. You may remember hearing him talk to us in the past, about his discovery and work on the Oregon Thalattosaur. He will be bringing some of his collection and we may also learn about fossil localities for Ammonites in Oregon.


Our presentation for May 9th will be about the historic Missoula Floods through the Columbia River Gorge, given by Jim Urbaniak. Which is a highly praised talk about the fascinating geologic event which shaped our area into what it is today.





Thank You to our presenter Bob Oblack for our Jan. 10, 2019 meeting

Fluorescent mineral exhibit at the Rice NW Museum

We learned minerals required activators in trace amounts included in their chemical make up that caused the minerals to glow and about how the uv lights cause the different colors after those minerals absorb the uv light. We explored what kind of rocks or minerals from our own and our friend’s collections we had glowed.

This editor of this post was excited to learn that some Kyanites could glow red under longwave! If you missed it because your schedule was busy, below is a link to learn more. A big thank you goes out to Bob Oblack member of the Fluorescent Mineral Society. He is also a member of the Clackamette Mineral and Gem club where he will be presenting again in September or at their show in October.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society

Clackamette Mineral and Gem Club