Happy New Year! Obsidian – rock of the month

As we start the New Year we look forward to progress, meeting new people, sharing new ideas and rock sharing.

Obsidian is a fun theme if your looking for something to bring for our sharing time / show & tell. Naturally we have a lot of it in this state and other than just beautiful black it gained alot of variation to it as it cooled rapidly from Rhyolitic Lava. It is a rock that did not have time to form crystals (so really did not have time to become a rock but just glass). It also has very low water content in it’s make up, which affects it over millions of years. It has had such a major impact to early humans so it is very historically significant.

Well I think the variations are just amazing and it’s also fascinating to think that we are the only place and state that fire obsidian has been found. Below is a photo of my show and tell a new find of obsidian from Mexico called Starry Night Obsidian, purchased at the Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show last year. (so keep checking on those shows for new finds).

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