Fantastic June

Happy Father’s Day on June 19th! Some fathers are steady and strong, many times ready and willing to be helpful. Agates, jaspers (cryptocrystalline) and quartz crystals (macrocrystalline) are also steady, strong and diverse. Do you know what your dad’s favorite color agate is or maybe they preferred those fantastic picture jaspers? There are so many varieties of quartz (considered the most common mineral) and they are all about the inclusions as they form. For more reading on how they form and their varieties try this site and page => grow formation of quartz. So lets share our quartz this month.

My favorites quartz are the inclusions in the macrocrystalline quarts crystals or their rare crystaline forms (more about crystaline forms at the site link above). One of my most favorites is a small self collected tabby (form type name) crystal from Arkansas. I found this one laying at the bottom of a crystal pocket as a floater.

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