Rock theme of the month

Chrysanthemum Stone

At this time of the New Year we wish everyone good fortune. Today (being New Years eve) I was on face book and one of the mineralogy groups was posting Chrysanthemum stone as being recognized (in some areas or at some time) as bringing good fortune. Like a lucky token of any sort, I am sure that most of us rock hounds may have also had their own lucky rocks that bring them good fortune. I hope if you have one it brought you luck in health or wealth or even in finding more rocks.

I also have what I feel is a lucky rock (at least a few), but my favorite is one that brings me fortune in a different way. It is a simple red jasper that I found near a river where there was no other like it to be found. So I took it back and made a part of it into a cabochon and wire wrapped it. For many years I went back to see if I could find another but never did. If nothing else, I was so inspired by it that I did the best wire wrap job that I thought I could do.

My challenge for you is to bring in your own lucky or good fortune rock when you come to visit at the next 2 club meetings (or even to show it at our online meeting hybrid meeting) and tell us why it brings you good fortune or luck and how you acquired it (even if it was purchased, given to you, or was already made into jewelry). It is a joy to share and hear stories, just as much as it is to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I certainly hope that the New Year brings good health for all.

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