Topic Schedule for Meeting Presentations

Happy New Year! 🎇 We have a list below of future presentations to look forward to. These meetings will continue both on-line through zoom and in person simultaneously.

Joining us in person at the Forest Grove Senior Center still currently requires the current rules of wearing a mask for everyone.😷 If you would like to join us on line and are not currently a member please send a notice through the contact so we can send you the link through email.

SpeakerTopic / Other club business
Jan 13Sheila AlfsenListening to the Rocks
Feb 10Anita GrunderThe Cascades or The High Lava Plains
Mar 10No meeting at senior center. Rock show setup at Armory
April 14To be determined
May 12Julian GrayMeteorites Visitors from Outer Space

✨A Very Big Congratulations! Goes to members 💎Gordon Hale and 💎Glen Woodward as “Member of the Year for 2021”. Their hard work and long term dedication as volunteers for club functions has well deserved this recognition.

Most of all, we have our wonderful TVGC March Rock and Gem Show to look forward to so get ready folks. Below is a copy of the flyer. You can also visit Annual Rock Show & Events for a map to the show, show images and any additional information.

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