New Year Meetings Information

🎆Happy New Year to all!🎉 May 2021 be an extraordinarily good one (in health and happiness). We hope that everyone continues to grow in knowledge and come together as community in good faith.

As everyone knows, we will continue our meetings on zoom with our normal meeting times on the second Thursday until further notice. Members may wish to share the zoom link with friends also interested in rocks, fossils etc.. Also, share your favorite 2020 rock finds, stories, purchases and gifts at any of our meetings.

Join us on January 14th – For this meeting, you might also consider any fossil amber with insects or pictures of them to share. Our first meeting topic of the new year starts off with Author Dr. William Orr (who wrote “Oregon Fossils & Oregon Geology to name a few) with a presentation on Fossil Insects.

Fun fossil facts – Oldest known fossil of an insect dates back to 400 million years. One of the insects with the largest wingspan was the Meganeura (actually classified as a Griffinflies) with a wingspan of over 27 inches from about 300 million years ago that looked like a dragonfly. Discovered in France and England.

Very tiny mystery insect – Photo By C. Yablok

Other upcoming meeting topics include:

February 11th @ 7:30pm – Global Glacial change, given by Andrew Fountain

March 11th @ 7:30pm – Hunt for Iceberg Erratics, given by Rick Thompson.

Mr. Thompson is President of the Lower Columbia Chapter of the Ice Age
Floods Institute which holds monthly public educational meetings in
Tualatin. He was instrumental in identifying and scripting signage for
several significant glacial erratics in Washington County; has been
interviewed for a number of newspaper articles and was twice featured on
Grant McOmie’s “Grant’s Getaway” television program. His website is:

If you would like to learn more join us on Zoom by clicking the link below.

Join Zoom Meeting

April 8th @ 7:30pm – The Crooked River Caldera a geologic and historical account of the area near Prineville OR., Given by Carrie Gordon

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